About Us

Independent Living, Integrated Employment, and Continuing Education for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

ProjectFREE is a non-profit initiative that is building a community to enrich the lives of intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. The goal is to help these adults lead a high quality, balanced, and independent life.

Asperger’s, intellectual and developmental disabled individuals are entitled to publicly funded education until they are 21 years of age. After this point in their lives, the support systems that allow them to live independent quality lives, diminish or disappear.

ProjectFREE is in the process of developing and managing a non-profit community where education, career opportunities and independent living exist.

Life skills and job training are/will be provided through the Freedom Academy to improve the quality of life where students achieve post-graduate success in a choice of many exciting fields.

This focused training increases independence where these populations can thrive within a safe and supportive community called Freedom Village.

Through living, learning, and working, every person can compete in, and contribute to, their community and society at large.