ProjectFREE’s Transition students will participate in the Artisan Entrepreneur program where they will learn to create inventory, competitively price their art and back out sales.  Each artist will run their own on – line store.

ProjectFREE does not believe in placing students’ in jobs but rather creating their for-profit businesses.  ProjectFREE has helped 2 Transition students open their own business: A Recycling Business and a Knife Sharpening Business. We are developing additional businesses working closely together to make it happen.  At ProjectFREE we are only interested in how to get the job successfully completed!

ProjectFREE’s ADT programs are available for both Wavier + Non Wavier Clients.  

ProjectFREE Adult Day Training Program ~ Monday – Friday,  9am – 3pm.

2026 51st Street S, Gulfport FL, 33707 ~ (727) 851-9165

ProjectFREE provides services in an environment filled with creativity, performing arts, academics, music, fitness, care and respect.