Class Title

Class Description

Fitness & Stretching

Morning walking and marching followed by group stretching and breathing.


Traditional floor yoga, and modified chair yoga done collectively by a local professional instructor.

Outdoor Fitness Club

Outdoor group exercising such as walking, basketball, and dynamic stretching.

Math & Money Management

Daily math skills, counting money, and managing money in the community. Also art inventory and pricing of individual artwork will be done as a group.

Reading Club

Group readings and following along featuring a variety of different books and literature.

Pottery Spinning

Gathering around the pottery wheel as a group, individually wedging and preparing clay for a guided pottery wheel throwing experience and creation with the instructor.


Individual pieces that have been bisque fired will then be glazed by the creator and prepared to glaze fire.

Hand building

Sculptures and creative creations made out of clay and built without the pottery wheel and with our hands.

Fine Art Painting

Visual art painting class professionally teaching students how to create high quality artwork for display and gallery purposes.

Stain Glass

Students will be challenged to create, cut, and melt glass in to a variety of different shapes and purposes.

Keto Cooking Class

Collectively we select a keto recipe, we shop and purchase ingredients. Then in the kitchen we follow the directions as a group and enjoy the creations. 

Experimental Painting

Using a variety of mediums, textures, and objects we create visual art and sculptures that test the limits of the materials.

Mural Workshop

Everyone is encouraged to collaboratively create along side local artist in our large group mural project colorfully decorating the outside of our building.

Candle Making Class

Hand spun pottery forms are used for the creation of our candles. Students will glue wicks in forms, melt wax, and add scents to forms. As well labels and prices will be put on every candle for selling.

Digital Art

Utilizing a variety of art based programs on the computer; instructor will introduce new techniques and skills creating digital art products.

Computers 101

Students will learn basic computer skills, for growth and development purposes.

Repurposing Furniture

Taking old furniture and transforming it into new pieces. Students will sand, paint, tile and distress furniture bringing it back to life. 


Inspired by our current group production, theater practice, warm ups, and exercises will prepare students for the show time. 

One on One Painting

Individual painting done one on one with the instructor gives a private lesson to students that will expand their knowledge and skills.

Recycled Art

We will collect recyclable items and create fine art paintings and sculptures with them. Students will learn about the importance of recycling and repurposing items to create art.

Band Practice & Music

Solar Flair is our band, and students all participate in band and music practice, weather its playing, singing, or dancing it is all a group effort.

Independent Art Making

Students are set up and introduced to independently creating art on their own, and creations are used for selling, gifting, or taking home.

News Letter Club

A handful of students will work with the instructor making a monthly newsletter for parents, families, and the community that shares activities; events and celebrations taking place here at ProjectFREE.

Tee-Shirt Business

With assistance from our in house professional tee-shirt maker, students will have the opportunity to learn how tee shirts are created, and will be able to share the experience of producing products.

Computer Building and Repair

With assistance from our in house computer specialist, students will learn how to build and repair computers.