ProjectFREE provides services in an environment of warmth, care and respect.

The vision of ProjectFREE is to be a center of excellence for all services we provide in all locations we provide them. This concept of excellence will continue to drive all decisions we make. ProjectFREE is committed to working with families and referral sources from throughout Pinellas County.

ProjectFREE is a comprehensive multi-service agency, providing Adult Day Training, Supported Employment, and recreational services for adults 18 and up with developmental and intellectual disabilities, our varied programs promote independence, increased self-awareness and confidence while offering participant opportunities to make friends and develop personal interests.

ProjectFREE’s ENTREPRENEUR program in Pinellas County has provided opportunities for people with diverse abilities by creating and implementing the ARTISAN ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM. This program that

has created purpose, promote health and fitness, self-sufficiency, and activities that connect them to their community and improve the quality of their lives. Most exciting this program not only supports our students but LOCAL ARTISTS as well. 25 artist have come togetherto make this valuable program happen. Students receive 100% of their sales.

ProjectFREE Artisan Entrepreneur Program celebrated its’ first year September 19, 2014 where fifty plus adults with diverse abilities created amazing art.   ProjectFREE Artisan Entrepreneur Program has merged with ProjectFREE Agency and will offer minimum wage to all adults who participate in the Supported Employment Training Program.

Service Description

This service trains the client using daily, meaningful activities that relate to self advocacy, daily living and social skills that are culturally and age appropriate.  The service is usually site based but may be conducted in the community using an entrepreneurial approach or mobile work crews.

ADT providers will provide annual orientation outlining the opportunities for supported employment available to the clients.  ADT services are not to exceed 240 days using a five day week model at six hours a day including four per day for training.

ProjectFREE believes that a life skills curriculum approach blends academic, daily living, personal/social, and occupational skills into integrated lessons designed to help students learn to function independently in society.  The following bench marks will be incorporated into ProjectFREE’s Adult Day Training,

With newly renovated and expanded program space, workshops in ProjectFREE Gallery for Adult Services provide day services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Workshops emphasize pre-vocational/ vocational training, wellness, and daily living, social, and communication skills?


Community inclusion is a key goal of the program. Enrichment activities include: 

 • Artisan Entrepreneurial Opportunities 

 • Field trips to local shopping, recreational and cultural centers.

  • Campus work assignments 

 • Participation in Special Olympics 


For adults with lower cognitive levels, the program offers: 

 • Multi-sensory stimulation 

 • Hand-over-hand training 

 • Nutrition 

 • Personal assistance


Supported Employment

This service is provided to clients to train for and maintain employment.  The SE coach will assist the client in all aspects of employment including obtaining and maintaining a job and honing the skills to adequately perform the job properly and interact with co-workers and the public.

This service is rendered at the client’s place of employment or their residence.  It may be implemented one-on-one or in a group of up to eight clients.


This service is provided to clients so they may access the community based waiver services from their place of residence.  Transportation is provided between residence and a waiver service site or between two distinct waiver sites of different providers.  The service may be billed monthly or by one-way trip or by the mile.  The funds may not pay for transportation services funded by Medicaid.

Behavior Assistance

These services are activities related to the implementation of the behavioral plan set by the Behavior Analysis.  These services will help reduce or replace the problematic behavior.  Services are shorter and may be discontinued when the client demonstrates the skills and coping mechanisms in dealing with addressing behavioral issues.

These services are for adults ranging from one-on-one to three-on-one and are usually provided within the community but may be offered in the client’s house.

Companion Services

This service is provided for supervision, non-medical care and socialization activities.  Clients are provided services geared towards their Support Plan.  Activities will strengthen daily life skills such as planning and preparation of meals, shopping, laundry and house cleaning.  Pertinent activities may be attending volunteer activities in the community, visits to the library and shopping.

Companion services are for adults and may be provided one-on-on, two-on-one, or three-on-one and are usually provided in the community but may be rendered at their residence.

In Home Support Services

This service is provided to clients giving them supervision, training and companionship.  Staff may be a live-in aid at the client’s residence or work ranging from a four hour shift to a 24 hour shift in a supported living setting.  These services insure companionship, safety and daily living and self care.

Implementation Plan

The implementation of services offered by ProjectFree starts with the organization’s leadership and the mission statement to provide high functioning adults with disabilities a “” to live, work and play by providing the opportunity for training, employment and housing giving them a satisfying, fulfilling life as an integral member of society. To assure success, the Executive Team will seek out the best candidates to execute the mission. Prior to employment, a detailed thorough background check involving local, state and federal agencies will be performed. All prospective team members will be interviewed by the Executive Team to ensure they have the character and passion to help our clients be successful. All team members will receive exceptional training / continued training that will meet and or exceed the state regulations as outlined in Employee Manual.

Since ProjectFree utilizes the innovative Person Centered Policy (PCP) and the meaningful daily activities philosophy; the Implementation Plan (IP) is individualized and can change based on the progress of the client. The Implementation Plan includes detailed documentation that will exceed state regulations. All services provided: Adult Day Training, Supported Employment, Transportation, Behavioral Assistance, Companion Services, In-Home Support, Residential Habilitation, Respite and Environmental adaptation will document monitoring/ reimbursement, copy of claim with service log and WSC monthly and annual reports. The IP is readily available to the client and or guardian and the Support Coordinator to ensure the services provided are best meeting the expectations and individual goals of the client.

Those individuals participating in ProjectFREE’s Adult Day Training and Supportive Employment programs will participate in team building activities with their peers and staff, only after then will teams be formed. ProjectFREE’s goal is to pay minimum wage in their Supported Employment Entrepreneur Programs as well as minimum wage in their Enclave Adult Day Training Entrepreneur Programs.

ProjectFREE is implementing a two tier housing program for independent abled adults. Those individuals seeking housing in ProjectFREE’s family housing program will work closely with their roommates and staff to creatively create a positive environment that promotes individuality and independent living. ProjectFREE’s tenants will participate in weekly life skills and independent living classes as well participate in role playing exercises to help them achieve their goal of independent living (See attached curriculum). Each individuals’ circle of support will also work closely with ProjectFREE’s housing team to make the move into ProjectFREE’s independent living apartments a reality.