ProjectFREE Artist Gallery

ProjectFREE provides services in an environment filled with creativity, performing arts, academics, music, fitness, care and respect.

Visual Arts Program

ProjectFREE Visual Arts Program introduces the fundamentals of art practices and techniques to allow participants to professionally exhibit and showcase their creations.  The program covers practice in various mediums such as ceramic sculpture, wheel throwing, painting, mixed media, stained glass crafts, mold making and digital arts.  The teaching artists do not hesitate to learn new techniques and mediums to fit the needs of all.  In addition, students’ collaboratively work with local artists on public murals and other advanced techniques that creates many opportunities for these individuals to be recognized as professional artists within their community.  Besides displaying their art in the in house gallery, ProjectFREE also helps students sell their art work online at local community events/markets, in which each artist keeps 100% of their profits.  The program helps them keep inventory of their work and to bring new ideas to the table.  Outside the box thinking is important, allowing the participants to create contemporary work that also is conscious of the classical roots of art.

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