ProjectFREE Programs

ProjectFREE provides services in an environment filled with creativity, performing arts, academics, music, fitness, care and respect.

 Adult Day Training (ADT)

This service engages the client in daily, meaningful activities that relate to self – advocacy, daily living and social skills that are culturally and age appropriate. This service splits it time on campus and in the community. ProjectFREE’s ADT includes the Artisan Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Studies,

RisingSTARZ Theater Group, Free2Rock Band Academy and Fine Arts Academy.  These programs create purpose, promote health and fitness, self – sufficiency, and activities that connect them to their communities and improve the quality of their lives.

ADT services are not to exceed 240 days using a five – day week model at six hours daily.  ProjectFREE accepts Waiver and non – waiver adults.  Self – pay $40.00 a day.  Transportation available.  

ProjectFREE believes that a life skills curriculum approach blends academic, daily living, personal/social, and occupational skills into integrated lessons designed to help students learn to function independently in society. The following bench marks will be incorporated into ProjectFREE’s Adult Day Training. With newly renovated and expanded program space, workshops in ProjectFREE Gallery for Adult Services provide day services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Workshops emphasize pre-vocational/ vocational training, wellness, and daily living, social, and communication skills?

Community inclusion is a key goal of the program.
Enrichment activities include:
• Artisan Entrepreneurial Opportunities
• Field trips to local shopping, recreational and cultural centers.
• Campus work assignments
• Participation in Special Olympics

For adults with lower cognitive levels, the program offers:
• Multi-sensory stimulation
• Hand-over-hand training
• Nutrition
• Personal assistance

Rock Band Academy

F2R Band Academy is the FIRST adaptive, progressive rock band music program for adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Suncoast Region.  ProjectFREE’s rock and roll band Solar Flair is the core of our music curricula taught by dedicated professional and performing musicians.  Solar Flair performs at community events and local clubs to ever – increasing enthusiastic audiences.  Every performance exudes pride and joy.  ProjectFREE Music Program offers music education and real experience in performing arts based on individual needs and interests.  Music Director Audrey Short works with a plethora of instruments and methods of teaching to help each student grow in both confidence and proficiency.  The program revolves around the house band, Solar Flair where each participant is given a role to contribute to the entire production.  Students’ are taught music theory and various aspects of stage performance along with sound production and equipment handling.  Another important part of the music program is creative song writing.  Participants re challenged to define their musical inspiration through music history and formulate their own sound and ideas into original composition.  Audrey has incorporated the experiences of recording music into the program, where the group works together to create produced recordings and video content. The band gets opportunities to play out in the community and at public events and they take on the role of self – promotion and band marketing as well. Each participant involved has creative ideas within the Free2Rock Music program helps all to break down boundaries and communicate their ideas through the universal language of music.


ProjectFREE’s Transition program mission is to identify talents, obstacles, while utilizing team building activities to produce business planning and implementation.

ProjectFREE’s Transition students will participate in our Artisan Entrepreneur program where they will learn to create inventory, competitively price their art and back out sales.  Each artist will run their own on – line store.


ProjectFREE does not believe in placing students’ in jobs but rather creating their for-profit businesses.  ProjectFREE has helped 2 Transition students open their own business: A Recycling Business and a Knife Sharpening Business. We are developing additional businesses working closely together to make it happen.  At ProjectFREE we are only interested in how to get the job done! 

Transition students will participate in Culinary Arts, Fine arts, Performing Arts, including our Free2Rock Band.   All these programs are a part of the ProjectFREE Training Program and provide opportunities for our transition students.  These programs create purpose, promote health and fitness, self-sufficiency, connect our students to their community and improve the quality of their lives.  Most importantly this program not only engages our students’, but Local Artists also show case their art throughout the year at Gulfport Art Walks as well as other artist venues.  Student artists receive 100% of their sales.

RizingSTARZ Theater Group

ProjectFREE RizingSTARZ Theater Group‘s mission is to provide opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in community theater to the best of their abilities. Our collaboration with Corinne Broskette aims to offer stimulating theater that is both challenging and entertaining. The majority of our actors have never experienced live theater or performed on stage before.  The RizingSTARZ’s theater program offers live music and performing arts training.  Each production is an original adaptation of popular Broadway musicals.  It is hard to find dry eyes in the audience during the shows, but many smiles and standing ovations are at every performance.  The pure joy and pride displayed by our actors is infectious.  Past productions include:  Mamma Mia; Once Upon a Mattress; Guys and Dolls, Grease, South Pacific, and Love the Hard Way.  RisingSTARZ Theater group is FREE to all actors and is funded by donations.

Visual Arts Program

ProjectFREE Visual Arts Program introduces the fundamentals of art practices and techniques to allow participants to professionally exhibit and showcase their creations.  The program covers practice in various mediums such as ceramic sculpture, wheel throwing, painting, mixed media, stained glass crafts, mold making and digital arts.  The teaching artists do not hesitate to learn new techniques and mediums to fit the needs of all.  In addition, students’ collaboratively work with local artists on public murals and other advanced techniques that creates many opportunities for these individuals to be recognized as professional artists within their community.  Besides displaying their art in the in house gallery, ProjectFREE also helps students sell their art work online at local community events/markets,

in which each artist keeps 100% of their profits.  The program helps them keep inventory of their work and to bring new ideas to the table.  Outside the box thinking is important, allowing the participants to create contemporary work that also is conscious of the classical roots of art. 


ProjectFREE’s ADT programs are available for both Wavier + Non Wavier Clients.  

ProjectFREE Adult Day Training Program ~ Monday – Friday,  9am – 3pm.

2026 51st Street S, Gulfport FL, 33707 ~ (727) 851-9165