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ProjectFREE RisingSTARZ Theater Group’s mission is to provide opportunities for young adults with Intellectual Disabilities, to participate in community theater experience to the best of their abilities. Working to a high standard, our collaboration with Synchrony Production, whose team of local theater veterans, production staff + musical director aims to offer stimulating theater that is both challenging and entertaining. Our goal is to identify the impact of community theater experience on communication skills, socialization, self-confidence and self-esteem of our actors. The majority of our actors have never experienced live theater or performed on stage.

The RisingSTARZ Theater program is balanced with live music and performing arts training.  Each production is an original adaption of popular Broadway Musicals, created and directed by Synchrony Production Team. Season starts in June, with 3 months of rehearsals, 2 days a week. The final production is in September. Show time! Hard to find dry eyes in the audience during the show ~ but many smiles and standing ovations at every performance! The pure joy and pride displayed by our actors are infectious. They truly are “RisingStarz” We are now celebrating our 3rd season, with an exciting production of the musical “Grease” at the Catherine Hickman Theater in Gulfport. For more info:  facebook.com/MyProjectFree1  

RisingSTARZ Theater Group is free to all actors.

ProjectFREE is a non-profit initiative that is building a community to enrich the lives of Intellectually + Developmentally Disabled Adults. The Goal is to help these adults lead a high quality balanced + independent life threw Art, Free2Rock Music Academy, Academics, Entrepreneurial Programs, Fitness + Performing Arts. ADT programs are available for both Wavier + Non Wavier Clients.  

ProjectFREE Adult Day Training Program ~ Monday – Friday,  9am – 3pm.

2026 51st Street S, Gulfport FL, 33707 ~ (727) 314-2660

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