Solar Flair

ProjectFREE is a non-profit initiative that is building a community to enrich the lives of Intellectually + Developmentally Disabled Adults. The Goal is to help these adults lead a high quality balanced + independent life through Art, Free2Rock Music Academy, Academics, Entrepreneurial Programs, Fitness + Performing Arts. ADT programs are available for both Wavier + Non Wavier Clients.  

F2R Rock Band Academy is the FIRST adaptive, progressive rock band music program for young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities … taught by local rock musicians for the Ultimate Rock Band Experience. F2R is taught on a building block approach and works toward the ultimate goal of public performance. Primary focus is on rock band instruments – Guitar, Drums, Vocals and Bass. The F2R band Solar Flair alternative/classic rock band has been performing at local community events in Gulfport, Tampa and Orlando since 2017.