Our Staff

ProjectFREE provides services in an environment filled with creativity, performing arts, academics, music, fitness, care and respect.

Audrey Short

Audrey is a multidisciplinary visual artist and local musician. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2019. She aims to work with as many different materials and methods as possible and is constantly learning new ways to expand her craft. She is also a multi-instrumentalist with experience in original songwriting, performance and audio production/recording. She has spent several years as a teaching artist, working with various nonprofit organizations with the common goal of spreading the arts and music. She creates art that aligns with her eccentric self and view of the world. A lot of her work embraces the obscure and kitschy with a counterculture attitude. She works with ceramics, sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital, video and mixed media assemblages.

ProjectFREE’s ADT programs are available for both Wavier + Non Wavier Clients.  

ProjectFREE Adult Day Training Program ~ Monday – Friday,  9am – 3pm.

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