ProjectFREE will also develop and manage an all-inclusive, supported housing community for these adults. It will support on-site off-site independent living, Freedom Academy, quality social events, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Freedom Village residents will take leadership positions and become peer mentors. ProjectFREE’s goal is to make these opportunities available so that our community members will be active in planning, directing, and enriching their own lives.

Our vision for the future includes: mixed residential, retail, entertainment and public space, a Village that attracts local residents and tourists, a community center, a private academy and social outlets. Shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers will be self-sustaining training centers. The Village will be on a main road within walking distance of lively commercial districts with direct access to public transportation and the world beyond.  

Freedom Academy curriculum is rich in life skills, independent living, liberal arts, performing arts,  as well as a choice of  trade programs.  Admission to Freedom Academy (FA) will be open to students 18 years of age and older having intellectual and developmental disabilities and will be structured to effectively accommodate a wide range of student academic aptitudes.

There will be a rigorous evaluation process to ensure potential students are enrolled in the most appropriate program based upon their individual goals, abilities and interests.  Family members will be an essential part of the assessment.  FA will develop a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) for students, detailing an action plan in accordance with their evaluation and assessment.

FA plans to offer certificates in Entrepreneurial Studies, Building Technologies, Digital TV Production/Studio Assistance, Performing and Visual Arts, Computer Support, Horticulture, Culinary Arts, Retail Customer Service, Veterinarian Tech and Domestic Pet Care Services, Child Care and Recreation Care Assistant. Students attending FA will partake in two or three year program containing courses tailored to their individual learning styles.  The academic program will include studies in Language Arts, Mathematics, Government, Science and the arts.

The life skills format will emphasize health and nutrition, time management, budgeting, career exploration, household maintenance, public transportation and socialization skills in effort to solidify the students’ everyday living and independent skills.   Freedom Academy will offer internships and work study to help with their financial responsibilities.

Continuity of services is the key to the lifetime success that Freedom Academy graduates will experience. The academy will perform timely evaluations for each student in order to provide superior education, training and support.  The action plan developed during the initial evaluation will be updated on an ongoing basis.

FA anticipates accreditation by Florida’s of Higher Education for the 2014 – 2015 academic school year. Freedom Academy’s goal is to be nationally recognized as setting the standard in education for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.