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RisingSTARZ Theater Group Performs

" Mamma Mia" at GeckoFest

Saturday 9/5 ~ 4-5 PM , North Stage ~ 28th Ave Gulfport FL
Block Party ~ 10 -10

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Through Living, Learning and Working, Every Person
can Compete in, and Contribute to, their Community and Society at Large.
Live Our American Dream!!!

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To Implement a Bold New Concept for Adults with Asperger’s, Intellectual
and Developmental Disabilities...

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Support On-site Independent Living, Freedom Academy,
Quality Social Events & Entrepreneurial Opportunities.

ProjectFREE Agency

“ProjectFREE provides services in an environment of warmth, care and respect.” The vision of ProjectFREE is to be a center of excellence for all services we provide in all locations we provide them.


ProjectFREE is a non – profit who is fueled by parents, educators, friends and people with intellectual disabilities. Our mission is to create opportunities for people with diverse abilities and in a years’ time are proud of ...

Business Model

ProjectFREE takes vocational training and employment to a new exciting, innovative level that goes beyond training and placement. Our career development program is a set apart from any other...

Supported Employment

ProjectFREE’s Supported Employment Program goal is to train individuals with disabilities to get and keep paid employment and or to operate their own business. People with disabilities...


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