Empowering Adults with Disabilities Through Development Programs in Gulfport

Free2Rock Academy

Join the Free2Rock Academy where music and passion converge to provide a unique educational experience.

Adult Day Training (ADT)

Our ADT program in Gulfport offers specialized training and workshops tailored to adult learning and development.

Artist Profiles

Meet the artists behind the masterpieces. Read about their inspirations, techniques, and available pieces.

Featured Services

Explore our services like Adult Day Training, Free2Rock Academy, and RisingSTARZ Theater Group, designed to enhance skills and enrich lives.

Life-Changing Services Empowering Diverse Ability Communities

Learn instruments and skills to develop your hidden talent, no matter your disability.

ProjectFREE contains different programs and events that will help cultivate the talent within our participants.

The food truck is a great way for ProjectFREE participants to learn and earn regardless of the difference in diverseability.

Impact on Community

ProjectFree offers a variety of programs designed to foster independence and creativity among adults with disabilities. Our mission is to empower individuals through engaging and innovative training. Our instructors educate and implement their time and effort to teach art, music and life skills.

  • Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Culinary

Music Program

Our music program is designed to enhance musical skills and provide performance opportunities. Participants will learn various instruments, vocal techniques, and stage presence. Hours are posted in the Menu section to give you a better idea of when we;re rocking out. There’s drums, guitar, base, who knows maybe a harp soon. Check out facebook page to find out more.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

The music program runs weekly with a structured curriculum that includes theory, practice sessions, and performance preparation.

  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Schedule And Curriculum

Art Program

The art program offers a range of projects and workshops that encourage participants to express their creativity through various mediums. Our instructors guide students in exploring techniques and developing their artistic skills. The workshops are done in a group setting to make sure the students are engaged in a team setting to help them with learning to work together to complete their goals.

Projects and Workshops

  • Painting And Drawing
  • Art
  • Mixed Media

Culinary Arts Program

Our culinary arts program teaches essential cooking skills, kitchen safety, and nutrition. Participants will learn to prepare a variety of dishes, enhancing their independence and confidence in the kitchen. With the food truck they’ll be able to cook on the go. Stay up to date with this on our facebook page.

Basic cooking techniques

  • Kitchen Safety
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Schedule And Curriculum
  • Menu Planning

Theater Arts Program

The Theater Arts Program at ProjectFree provides students with the opportunity to participate in the performing arts. Through acting, dancing, and stagecraft, participants build confidence and learn valuable communication skills. ProjectFree students have won multiple awards for their participation in community events. We take great pride in our students and look forward to continuing to support their theater arts education.

Performance Events

Participants showcase their talents through regular performances and community events.

  • Stagecraft And Production
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Schedule And Curriculum
  • Acting Workshops

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How To Join

Visit our enrollment page
Fill out the application form
Submit the required documents
Learn about the program fees and the requirements needed to join.

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